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127th Maine
Legislative Session
2017 Legislative Update

2016 Legislative Update

2015 Legislative Update

ESG Task Force Progress Report
Prior Legislative
Session Information

2014 PLD Consolidated Plan Changes

2013 Program Evaluation Report

Proposed Plan 2 Implementation Report
Proposed Pension Plan Draft Legislation

New Pension Plan Design and Implementation Plan
Additional Pension Information and Reports

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MainePERS is Working for Sustainable Benefits
Voting pin  November 7th
Question 4
on Your Ballot
MainePERS sponsored the legislative resolution that created Question 4 on the November 7th ballot. A "Yes" vote on this question increases the length of time investment losses in the State Employee and Teacher Retirement Plan are recovered from 10 to 20 years. Bi-partisan supermajorities of both houses of the State Legislature voted in favor of Question 4.

A "Yes" vote on Question 4 will help MainePERS reduce the ups and downs of the State's share of State/Teacher Plan pension costs. This is particularly important when the markets create substantial investment losses.

Read more about Question 4 here
and how it will help stabilize State/Teacher Plan funding. And read what others are saying about your vote on Question 4
News icon  State-Wide
Meeting Notice

MainePERS and the PLD Advisory Committee are reaching out to members, retirees and employers to meet with us at the locations identified in the linked document to share information about how we are strengthening the PLD Consolidated Plan. This involves some changes that we believe are very beneficial to the long-term security of your benefit. These changes were developed by MainePERS over several months with input and advice from the PLD Advisory Committee. We hope you can join us at a meeting near you as we also have areas in which we hope to receive your feedback.

To view the full notice and meeting schedule, click the following link: www.mainepers.org/PDFs/PLD/2017 PLD Meeting notice and schedule.pdf

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