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One of the benefits available to members of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MainePERS) is disability retirement. Eligible members receive a disability retirement benefit and continue to accrue creditable service until they are able to return to employment or change over to service retirement.
Who is Eligible Disability Application Package
Disability FAQs Disability Handbook
When to Apply and How to Apply Disability Forms

In order to be eligible for disability benefits:  

You must be a member of MainePERS and you have not received any full refund of contributions.  
You must have a mental or physical incapacity (condition or conditions) that makes it impossible for you to perform the duties of your job, or of another job of comparable stature and compensation that your employer has offered you. The condition(s) must result in permanent functional limitations that make it impossible to perform the duties of your employment position.  
You must meet the terms of your specific disability retirement plan as it relates to any age restrictions or other required provisions.  

At the time you became incapacitated, you must have been on your employer’s payroll (which includes any paid leaves of absence) and made contributions to MainePERS. There are no job modifications that your employer is willing to make that would allow you to do your job, such as providing special equipment, or changing your job duties. You may not be eligible for disability benefits if you have fewer than five years of creditable service preceding your last date in service. Please call the Disability Unit for more information.

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If it is impossible to perform the duties of your job due to a medical condition and you and your medical providers expect this situation to be permanent, you may want to consider applying for Disability Retirement Benefits.

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To apply for disability benefits follow one of these options:

Download the
Disability Application Package here, complete the fillable documents, print and mail to MainePERS.

- or -

Request the Application Package by contacting us at 1-800-451-9800; (207) 512-3100; TTY (207) 512-3102. (Note: You may not have a service retirement application and a disability application pending; you may not apply for disability after receiving a service retirement benefit.)  

If you require more information than what is provided in the booklet, please contact the MainePERS Disability Unit via one of the numbers above.

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