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Information Regarding approved changes to the
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Welcome to the information section of our website regarding the recent changes made to the PLD Consolidated Retirement Plan.

On May 10, 2018, the MainePERS Board of Trustees approved the proposed changes to the PLD Consolidated Retirement Plan with some modifications. The modifications include not adopting the proposed retire-rehire provision at this time and delaying the effective date for the accrued leave provision to July 1, 2019.  We will perform more outreach on the retire-rehire issue before bringing it back to the Board later this summer for further consideration. 

Information specific to the adopted changes can be found by clicking on the icons pictured below.

These changes were developed over an 18-month period to strengthen the well-funded Plan against risks such as low-performing or volatile financial markets that can erode the funding. 

A series of briefings was held on the proposed changes around the state last fall.  If you missed those or were unable to attend, you can find below the presentation provided to the Legislature this spring that summarizes the discussions at those briefings.
During the last two weeks of June, we performed additional outreach on the retire-rehire provisions and the full presentation from the statewide meetings can be found below. 

***UPDATE*** A proposed rule change was submitted to the Board of Trustees and a public hearing was held on August 9, 2018.  After consideration of comments received as well as recommendations made by the PLD Advisory Committee, the Board of Trustees adopted the amended rule on September 13, 2018.  Additional information about the outcome of the rulemaking can be found here and a copy of the adopted rule can be found here.


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