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State of Maine Tax Withholding Update

If you are a current recipient of MainePERS benefits and you have State of Maine income taxes withheld from your check, you should see a difference in your withholding beginning with your October payment.  This is because MainePERS recently updated the tax withholding program in our benefits payroll system to round State of Maine income tax withholding to the nearest whole dollar. In addition, a minor adjustment was made in the withholding formula to more precisely phase out the standard deduction for those individuals for whom this applies.
The changes made are in accordance with the instructions provided by the Maine Revenue Service.
* If you regularly move between two (or more) addresses (e.g. a winter and summer address), we no longer require written address change forms each time you move between those addresses. Once you have sent us a signed form for each of your addresses, when you move between them, simply call or e-mail us with the effective date of the change. We will follow up to your request by sending confirmation letters to both addresses. If any of your established addresses change, you will need to submit a change form. For the address change form, click “Address and Information Changes” above.
**Although MainePERS does not administer health insurance, we have a list of contacts and phone numbers of health insurance administrators of programs under which members are covered.


2019 Benefit Payment

For health/dental insurance questions, please contact the administrator of your insurance program. To view a listing of those organizations, click here.
Are you a Maine retiree who recently changed residency to another state?

Do you have Maine State income tax withheld from your monthly pension payment?  

If you are no longer a Maine resident and would like to stop the state withholding deduction, complete sections 1-6 of Form W-4ME, (Maine Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate), sign and send it to us.  

Form W-4ME is available from the
forms section on our website or you may call us to have one mailed to you.

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