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When it comes to saving, we want to help you stay on course! Below are valuable tips and links on saving for your future. You may be surprised at how you're saving already! Cyclist  

Apple Think "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!"


Finances are tight for many of us due to external economic forces and the last thing we need are unexpected medical bills. The best way to deal with these excessive medical costs is to avoid them if you can. Keeping fit can help you survive the crunch.


The following are links to information that promote living healthier lifestyles, ways to avoid debt from medical expenses and ways to save more for the future.

  • Staying Healthy During Tough Economic Times is an article that focuses on pursuing disease and expensive medical care with a “pro-inflammatory lifestyle” when economic times are not so good.  Source: David Seaman's, MS, DC, DACBN 
  • Healthy Living - Health Eating - tons of information at Health.com

CutBudget Not budgeting already? You can start today!


It's all about balance. Keeping a balanced budget is important to maintain a sound financial situation. It gives you control over your finances and allows you to decide what is more and less important to you, not to mention when to start saving!


The following are links to information and sites all about practical budgeting.

  • What could be more helpful than a Budgeting 101 site?  Check out personalbudgeting.com to get started.

  • Visit Money Management Tips for tools you need to develop a budget that reduces your debt, enables you to save money, and puts you in control of your personal finances.

  • Free budgeting worksheets and great money-saving tips on hundreds of various topics at betterbudgeting.com.

  • Professional budget advice you can't miss! Learn when to use cash, credit, or debit when budgeting personal finances in this free online video tutorial from eHow.com 

Grocery Like to shop? Here's how!  


There are painless ways to save and we've put the wheels in motion by providing you with helpful tips.  Any time is the perfect time think about ways you can save better and save more. Start now by becoming a smarter shopper. Here are some ways:

And we never forget our faithful companions!  If you're like most, you've probably shopped online for pet products. Check out petswelcome.com for places to buy pet supplies on a budget.  

Calculator Chase away those credit/debt blues!  


Think about changing gears. Take a good look at your credit situation and see where you can make substantial changes.


By practicing controlled spending habits, you can avoid drowning in a sea of unmanageable debt and growing interest charges. Here are some tips and links to help you stay on top of it all: 

  • Checking your credit report won't lower your score. Get your free annual credit report at annualcreditreport.com.
  • Some good tips from Suze at suzeorman.com including how to manage your debt, what lower interest rates mean, consolidating loans and more.
  • Get your total money makeover with expert Dave Ramsey. Read more here.
  • InCharge.org is a non-profit organization that provides credit counseling, debt management programs and alternatives to debt consolidation—without a loan or bankruptcy.

Calculator You can conserve and stay warm!  


As direct consumers of energy we can conserve in order to reduce energy costs and promote our own economic security. It's a win win and what better way to save than to go green! Does lowering your electric bills, reducing greenhouse emissions, or reusing your household items for other uses peak your interest?


Here are ways you can increase your savings while saving the earth!

  • Check out efficiencymaine.com for information on appliance rebates, electric monitors,  CFL light bulbs and more.
  • The Governor's Energy Office offers information on heating oil prices, gas and diesel prices, weatherization courses and wind power rebates.
  • Information related to energy savings for automobiles, appliances, heating/cooling, insulation, lighting and more can be found at energy.gov.
  • Save money on your utility bills through energy conservation. See energyhawk.com for helpful tips.
  • See CMP's site for tips on energy conservation for lighting and appliances.

Money It's not too late to START!

The ride doesn't end here!. We recognize that not everyone can save all of the time but there are countless ways you can begin to get yourself into a position where saving money is painless.


While the MainePERS defined benefit pension plans are the foundation for financial security in retirement, most public employees will need to supplement their pension benefits with additional retirement savings.


The following websites contain information that might help guide you when making important financial decisions.



     360 Degrees of Financial Literacy

     Choose to Save   

     Smart About Money

     Feed the Pig      

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