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Maine Public Employees Retirement System
P.O. Box 349, Augusta, ME 04332-0349
toll free: (800) 451-9800 ● local: (207) 512-3100

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Since 1942, the Maine Public Employees Retirement System (MainePERS) has helped public employees prepare for retirement. The System's contributing members include teachers, state, county, and municipal employees, legislators, judges, and those who work for other public entities. In addition to our active members, many public sector retirees and their beneficiaries receive monthly benefits from retirement plans offered by MainePERS.  The System also administers Disability Retirement, Group Life Insurance, and
MaineSTART, a tax-deferred retirement savings program. Administration of these programs includes financial administration, investment administration, recordkeeping of members' work and compensation data, and administration of retirement-related services provided to members, employers and retirees.


Sandra J. Matheson
Executive Director

Michael J. Colleran
General Counsel

James E. Dusch
Deputy Executive Director - Service Programs

Rebecca A. Grant
Deputy Executive Director - Administration

Andrew H. Sawyer
Chief Investment Officer

Valerie Scott
Associate Deputy Director

Sherry T. Vandrell
Director of Finance


The Office of the Executive Director has administrative responsibility for all aspects of the System and its operations. The Executive Director oversees all actuarial work and investments, and has administrative responsibility for the internal audit function. Actuarial work is carried out with the assistance of an actuary; investment operations are carried out with the assistance of the System's Chief Investment Officer and staff, one or more investment consultants, investment managers and other appropriate advisors. In addition, the Office performs the executive functions of the System and has day-to-day responsibility for legislative matters, appeals, federal, state, and local governmental relations, planning, organizational development, and numerous special projects.

The Department of Service Programs administers the service and disability retirement programs, MaineSTART defined contribution plans, employer programs, survivor benefit and group life insurance programs, and payrolls administration. The Department is the System's primary contact for members, participating employers, and benefit recipients.

The Department of Administration is responsible for most administrative and support functions, including information technology supports, communications, facilities, and human resources.

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