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Maine Public Employees Retirement System
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About Us
Group Life Insurance
 Retirement Planning Sessions  Teacher Members
These group sessions are for those who are eligible, and intend to retire within the next year. Topics covered include how each benefit payment option works and how benefits are paid.  Following the group informational session, members may meet individually with System staff for assistance with completing their retirement application paperwork. 

Sessions tend to fill up quickly. We ask that you pre-register and either have a retirement estimate, or have requested one within the past year. You may request an estimate by contacting the Teacher Unit at
Teacher@mainepers.org or by calling 1-800-451-9800. You may bring a guest to the session if you wish--just let us know when you register if someone will be joining you.

Session dates/times for 2019/2020:

Date Time Status
 February 18 (Tues.)  9 am & 2 pm FULL
 February 19 (Weds.)  9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 February 20 (Thurs.)  9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 February 21 (Fri.)  9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 March 10 (Tues.) 9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 March 19 (Thurs.)  9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 April 21 (Tues.) 9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 April 22 (Weds.) 9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 April 23 (Thurs.)  9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 April 24 (Fri.) 9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 May 5 (Tues.) 9 am & 2 pm OPEN
 May 21 (Thurs.)  9 am & 2 pm OPEN

MEA and

MEA and MEA-Retired host pre-retirement informational sessions for organization members that are held throughout the fall and spring at various locations.

**This is separate from
the MainePERS retirement planning sessions listed
to the left.**

For more information see www.maine.nea.org.

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