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MARCH 2008

Personnel Status Codes Simplified

MainePERS is taking another step toward simplifying reporting requirements by reducing the number of Personnel Status Codes (PSC) from 29 to 8 codes. The chart to the right compares the PSC codes you now use and the new, “short” list of PSC codes. You may start using the new codes immediately, and we encourage you to begin as soon as possible. Effective January 2009, MainePERS will accept only the new codes for Applications for Membership and payroll reports.

For more information, contact Employer Services:; Direct: 207-512-3200
Toll free: 1-800-451-9800



Current PSC New PSC 
11 - Permanent Full Time 11 - Full time
21 - Permanent Full Time PST  
71 - Grant Funded Full Time  
73 - Grant Funded Full Time PST  
12 - Permanent Part Time 12 - Part Time
22 - Permanent Part Time PST  
72 - Grant Funded Part Time  
74 - Grant Funded Part Time PST  
17 - Project Full Time 17 - Project/Intermittent FT & PT
18 - Project Part Time (not elig. for Group Life Insurance)
27 - Project Full Time PST  
28 - Project Part Time PST  
29 - Project Intermittent PST  
23 - Permanent Intermittent PST  
26 - Seasonal Intermittent PST  
42 - Intermittent Extracurricular PST  
43 - Extracurricular G.F. Inter. PST  
61 - Substitute Teacher PST  
63 - Adult Ed. PST < 9/1/78  
64 - Adult Ed. PST > 9/1/78  
75 - Grant Funded Intermittent PST  
14 - Seasonal Full Time 14 - Seasonal Full Time
24 - Seasonal Full-Time PST  
15 - Seasonal Part Time 15 - Seasonal Part Time
25 - Seasonal Part Time PST  
52 - Insurance Only, Retired 52 - Insurance Only, Retired
65 - Insurance Only Full Time 65 - Insurance Only, Active
67 - Insurance Only Part Time  
53 - Retired, Returned to Work 53 - Retired, Returned to Work

APRIL 1st - MainePERS Group Life Insurance

The pay period that includes April 1st is upon us. This is the pay period that employers adjust the member’s level of coverage based on changes in annual base compensation. This year, April 1 also is the effective date for moving to age-based supplemental rates. For more information, see the Group Life Insurance information in the Employer section of our Web site.  Additional information of the April 1 pay period may be found in the
May 2007 issue of Employer Update.

Changes in MainePERS Group Life Insurance

Revisions to MainePERS Group Life Insurance Program rules took effect on January 20, 2008. Highlights of the new rule include:

1. Key Participation Requirements:

• Approved Application for Coverage
• Paid-up premiums
• Employed at least 20 hours or 2.5 days per week
• Teachers who change employers are treated as new hires. The employer no longer has to
   research prior coverage elections.
• Retirees returning to work in eligible positions may elect GLI coverage

2. PLD employees covered under another “qualified retirement plan” may continue Basic coverage into retirement at no cost if they:

• Are 60, or have 25 years of service under the other qualified plan
• Have ten years of group life coverage
• Have group life at the time of termination

3. When there has been a lapse of coverage due to employer or MainePERS error, the employee may obtain coverage by:

• Payment of all back premiums; or
• Go-forward coverage only if approved via Evidence of Insurability (EOI). Payment of
    back premiums option is available if EOI is denied.

4. Military Leave employees who did not pay premiums while on leave may re-instate coverage at no cost if they apply within 31 days of returning to work.

There is a copy of the new rule on the Employer Section under “Spotlight.” For more information, contact Survivor Services:; Direct: 207-512-3244; Toll free: 1-800-451-9800 x 3244.

MainePERS Group Life Insurance
Program Updates

Effective April 1, 2008, all employers who offer Group Life Insurance coverage through MainePERS, can offer all Supplemental and Dependent coverage options.  MainePERS intent is to standardize Group Life Insurance coverage options for all PLD employees. Most employers already offer this full range of Group Life options.  Employees who wish to obtain additional coverage may use the Evidence of Insurability process.  Forms to request Evidence of Insurability are available via  For more information, contact Survivor Services:; Direct: 207-512-3244; Toll free: 1-800-451-9800 x 3244.