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Laws, Rules and Legislation
This section is dedicated to the laws and rules pertinent to MainePERS. Below are links to Web sites and information maintained by other entities.

MainePERS Legislative Updates are also included on this page. Click
here for that section.


Constitutional provisions governing MainePERS
Constitution of Maine - Article 9 (see Sections 18, 18A and 18B)

Maine Public Employees Retirement System
Governor's Retirement Fund - Title 2 MRSA §1A
Legislative Retirement - Title 3 MRSA §701 to §860
Judicial Retirement - Title 4 MRSA §1201 to §1361

Title 5 MRSA Part 20:
Chapter 421: General Provisions §17001 - §17451
Chapter 423: State Employees and Teachers §17601 - §18061
Chapter 425: Participating Local Districts §18201 - §18663
Chapter 427: Participating Local Districts Consolidated Plan §18801 - §18806


Downloadable chaptered MainePERS rules may be found via the following link:
Maine Public Employees Retirement System (94-411).


The following is devoted exclusively to legislation affecting Maine Public Employees Retirement System enacted by the Maine Legislature from its 118th session (1997-1998) to the most recently ended session. What is presented is only a general description of each law. Please do not rely on these updates as your only source of information for a law that affects you. If you would like a copy of any of the laws, contact the Engrossing Division of the Office of the Revisor of Statutes at (207) 287-1324.


2018 Legislative Update


Past Updates:

2017 Legislative Update
2016 Legislative Update
2015 Legislative Update
2014 Legislative Update

2013 Legislative Update

2012 Legislative Update

2011 Legislative Update

2010 Legislative Update

2009 Legislative Update

2008 Legislative Update





2007 Legislative Update
2006 Legislative Update

2005 Legislative Update

2004 Legislative Update

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2001 Legislative Update

2000 Legislative Update

1999 Legislative Update

1998 Legislative Update

For further information, please visit:

Maine State Legislature

Legislature - Office of the Revisor of Statutes   

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Information contained on this Web site is neither a legal reference nor a complete statement of the laws or MainePERS administrative rules. In any conflict between this information and Maine laws or administrative rules, the laws and administrative rules shall prevail.

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